How Do I Bet On Nfl Games Online

While the website design, overall presentation and offerings are each highly important for proper NFL betting, the real difference-maker has simply got to be customer service. For example, moneyline odds of -240 or shorter are hard to generate long-term success. Home team doesn’t have to travel so more rest and recovery leading up to the game. Read what our betting analysts here at MyTopSportsbooks have uncovered about upcoming match-ups, betting line movement, and who they predict will win.

Nfl Points Totals And The Effect Of The Weather

If you want a big payday then the Chiefs are the right play, but the Broncos are clearly the better team in this example. The first NFL betting type that you should try first is what is known as a moneyline bet. If there was an NFL betting guide for dummies then this would be the very first chapter. Unlike Packers teams of recent vintage, this one is not a one-sided group.

Heisman Trophy Winner

There’s nothing to stop you from joining multiple betting sites, and as long as you manage your bankroll properly, you’ll be able to maximize your betting opportunities when you do so. Membership at several betting sites will allow you to shop round for the best odds on the lines, and this will enable you to get the most out of your betting strategies. Another reason for placing your NFL bet early is that there may be injury uncertainties that could affect the line. If you place your NFL wager early, any potential injuries won’t affect your point spread, and you will be able to get your bet in at the original smaller line. Therefore, you should aim to find an offshore sportsbook that offers lines early enough for you to be able to reap the benefit. Ultimately, when you are looking for a NFL betting site, you are going to want to make sure that the site offers your favorite style of betting.

Another big plus to using the best NFL betting sites in Colorado rather than in person is that online NFL sportsbooks have more promotions than their land-based counterparts. When you go to a casino to place a bet, you’ve probably never had someone see here now hand you a $100 bill for placing a $100 bet, as the casino already knows you are there to place a wager of some kind. But with so much competition in the online betting space, you can take advantage of promos designed to make you want to choose one bookmaker over another. Moneyline betting is an equally common form of sports betting as spread bets. The difference is that with moneylines, bookmakers will set lines representing the favorite and the underdog.

Live betting (aka in-game wagering) is quickly becoming the most popular of all NFL betting types. Unlike traditional wagering that requires your bets to be finalized and posted before any given game kicks off, live betting allows you to put your money down on dynamic lines all game long. Here we will list the current Super Bowl 56 betting odds, the AFC and NFC Championship betting odds, and the NFL divisional betting odds. You never have to look much further than a quarterback or wide receiver to find the winner. Another great bet for the Superbowl is making a prediction of who will win before the season even starts. When it comes to the final, if your team has reached to big game, you will be sat with a bet at great odds compared with what you could get if betting on the day.

We publish a game winner, point spread, over/under and money line value pick for all NFL games, plus win odds for each pick. Compare odds across legal US sportsbooks at to help you profit over the course of the NFL season. Find out how to use the odds comparison tool, along with other NFL betting tips below. The 80/20 NFL betting system hinges onhome underdogs receiving just 20% or less of the total spread bets on the game. Research has shown these teams can win against the spread as much as 70% of the time or more. Most sportsbook sites use the start of the NFL season as a reason to market heavily to new and existing players.

This partially means looking for features such as over/under, point spread and moneyline, but there are a few other considerations that you might want to take into account. There are a few things to check in terms of making withdrawals, too. It’s often the case that there are more limitations on taking out your winnings than on making a deposit, and you may find that you have to switch to an alternative banking method for this. Aim for a banking option that gives you speedy access to your winnings. Plenty of the betting sites will only take a few days to pay you out, which is far preferable to those that make you wait for weeks to get your hands on your cash.

You will need to wager $350 to make $100 in profit on the Patriots – is that worth it? But if you decided to wager on the Miami Dolphins and they ended up winning, you’d make a pretty penny ($500 plus your $100 bet back) by betting on the underdog. The plus and minus number will represent how much you would need to bet to win a certain amount. In the case above, you would need to wager $200 on Washington to win $100 (a total of $300 as you get your initial stake back). You would win $300 on a $100 wager if you decided to take the risk and bet on the Eagles.

The Vikings also must feel wounded from dropping their first game at Cincinnati. When you have the Bengals up first, that’s supposed to be a beautiful opportunity to start 1-0. Instead, the Vikings let that one slip away, en route to falling in overtime. Entering the opener as three-point underdogs in Tennessee, the Cards demolished a Titans team that has churned out five consecutive winning seasons. Clearly, Kyler Murray and Co. look poised to make an enormous leap. By using Bet-Football, you only have to transact with us and we will manage all your accounts, balance transfers and settlement for you.